Mated Queens

marked queen

Rustica stock (27,75-40,00$)

We make sure that the queens have a good laying pattern before caging them with their attendants.

Queen cells

queen cells

Rustica stock (10,00-15,00$)

Queen cells are extremely fragile and must be introduced in their host colonies as quickly as possible.



Summer nucs


Rustica stock (180-225$)

Our summer nucs have 3 frames of brood (all ages), and one frame of food, along with adhering bees, shaked bees, and a laying queen.


Our stock has a very diverse genetic background, being a mix of carniolan, caucasian, italian, 'Buckfast', and Russian 'Primorsky' bees. We believe that a good genetic diversity is an element of success for a honey bee colony. Our bees are our pride and we take the quality of our breeding operations to heart, which is why we've made a policy about it.

Do you have special requests? Contact us and we'll see what we can do.


Rustica stock

Our default stock, a mix of different lines selected for hygienic behavior, varroa-sensitive hygiene, hardiness, gentleness, productivity, and a number of other traits.


New lines are being developped to further express different traits, such as superior pollen or propolis production, but are not yet commercialized. News will be shared every now and then.

Special requests

We can raise queens from your own stock. Prices and conditions will vary according to the nature of your needs.

Breeding season

top of frames

We start taking orders from the first of January, full payment is required to confirm reservation.


Research projects

drone maturity slide

More details to come